'AMERICAN PHARISEE: OVERCOMING THE BELIEFS THAT DECEIVE' is a true story about the reality of suffering and the promise of redemption for those who chose to follow Christ in faith.

The American Dream of happiness, comfort, and success is constantly competing against the believer’s pursuit of Christ. Over time, the believer begins preferring the American Dream over God. Similar to the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, American Pharisees believe they are worshiping God, but in reality, they are worshiping with their words and not with their hearts. The end result is a person who experiences a distant relationship, or no relationship with God because they are more focused on living a pleasant life now instead of living for eternity.

Author Kevin Hover used to be an American Pharisee until he broke free from these misguided beliefs. But freedom always comes with a price, and that price was paid in the form of suffering. In the midst of his suffering, Kevin discovered that pursuing Christ is far more rewarding and fulfilling than pursuing the American Dream.

   Are you experiencing a distant relationship with God?

   Could you be an American Pharisee?

   Maybe you have been deceived by your own beliefs

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