Symptoms of an American Pharisee


Every American who claims a faith in Jesus Christ is susceptible to falling into the trap of becoming an American Pharisee. The goal of this assessment is to become aware of the symptoms related to being an American Pharisee.

Answer True or False to these statements based on the first thought that comes to your mind. In other words, don't spend time over-thinking each statement. No one else will know the results but you, so it is critical to be honest with yourself.

  1. I have noticed that my relationship with God is distant or has been growing stale

  2. I usually read my Bible out of a sense of obligation or duty

  3. The majority of my prayer time is spent on asking God to help me and thanking Him for what He has given me

  4. Truth be told, I would rather be doing other things on Sunday besides going to church

  5. I enjoy serving as long as it doesn’t interfere with family life or personal time

  6. I give less than 10% of my gross income to faith-based organizations

  7. I give at least 10% of my gross income to faith-based organizations, but I admit that it does not bring me joy

  8. I tend to enjoy my daily activities, family time, and personal time when compared to spending quiet time with God

  9. I often wonder if I’m living up to God’s expectations

  10. I work hard at seeking God’s favor in my life

  11. I follow God’s commands because that is what I’m supposed to do

  12. I often use my own happiness, comfort, and success as a barometer to determine how well I'm living out the Christian faith or how much God loves me

  13. Nothing good comes from suffering

  14. God’s commands sometimes prevent me from experiencing the kind of fun that other people are having

  15. As long as I’m not hurting myself or anyone else, I don’t see anything wrong with pursuing my own dreams, passions, and desires

  16. God’s grace provides me the opportunity to do something I know is wrong, because I can always ask to be forgiven

  17. I generally view the concepts of humility and surrender as weaknesses

  18. I would rather be blessed by God than adjust my life to participate in God’s kingdom work

  19. I rarely allow God to overrule my agenda or interrupt my plans

  20. Sharing the gospel is something that I know I should do, but I don't really care for doing it

  21. I answered at least one of these questions as “False” even though I knew in my heart the answer was “True”

If you answered "True" to any of these statements, it is likely you are being deceived by a belief that is not Biblical. To learn how you can turn away from these misguided thought patterns and experience a more intimate relationship with Christ, read, 'American Pharisee: Overcoming the Beliefs That Deceive' Today!

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